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We provide high quality, liberal education for future teachers of Russian.

History of the Department

The basis of the present department was the Russian Seminary, which was established right after the founding of the Faculty of Education in 1946. In 1950 it was merged with the Czech Seminary into the Department of Philology, within which there was a Department of Russian Language and Literature. In 1962, the Department of Russian Language and Literature was created, which was again merged with the Department of Czech Language in 1970. The new Department of Philology had three departments: Russian language, Czech language and foreign languages. After six years, the department was again divided into three separate units, and thus the present form of the Department of Russian Studies was essentially formed. The department was mainly oriented towards the theory of teaching the Russian language and the preparation of future teachers of Russian. Until 1989 it was one of the preferred faculty departments with a number of quality teachers and a large number of students. Russian lecturers also worked here, contributing to the improvement of the students' language level. However, the 1989 revolution fundamentally changed the status and importance of the department. In line with the outflow of public interest in Russian, the number of teachers and students was significantly reduced. Over time, the situation has recently stabilized, and we can once again enjoy a growing interest in Russian language, literature, culture, history and philosophy on the part of applicants, students and the general public.


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